At Wellspring Saigon, we strive to provide the most modern learning environment for the holistic development of each student.

The infrastructure

The school is located in a safe and modern Saigon Pearl complex. On a spacious and airy 1,2 hectare campus, the school has high-class facilities with international standard classrooms fully equipped for teaching and learning. The school also has a spacious soccer field, indoor pool, multi-purpose sports ground, library, cafeteria and other functional rooms (lab, music room, art room, dance room, living room , IT department ...).

Teaching method

Currently, the teachers of the school have mastered and successfully implemented the following teaching methods: PISA method for reading and math, Howard Gardner's Diverse Intelligence theory, Attended Approach project by Lilian Katz, and the Mind Map application by Tony Buzan. Along with other skills such as guided self-study, the ability to present, and apply IT ... we believe that Wellspring Saigon students will have a solid springboard for future success.

Lesson plan

With the inter-level system, currently up to grade 12, Wellspring Saigon ensures the continuity of learning for students from elementary to high school. We are also the first bilingual school in Ho Chi Minh City to co-teach under the curriculum of the Ministry of Education & Training and the Framework program of Massachusetts, USA with international standard exams to recognize the learning process. Student assignments such as MAP, TOEFL or SAT exams. Community support programs, field trips, extension of clubs after school activities ... based on the Social & Emotional Capacity Development (SEL) model are also integrated into the curriculum. to develop students' essential soft skills.

Support service

Wellspring Saigon School is committed to providing the best support services to ensure the health, safety and diet of our students. Wellspring Saigon provides shuttle bus service, part-board care with meals, has a regular health care staff and organizes periodic check-ups, health counseling and support services. other students when needed.

Staffs and school

Teachers including foreign teachers with teaching experience, internationally recognized qualifications, young and dynamic Vietnamese teachers, graduated with bachelor degrees or above, have participated in the courses. The most advanced teaching method. School teachers wholeheartedly care not only for students during class time but also take care of their spiritual life and accompany them during extracurricular activities to ensure their passion and safety for students.

Fee and scholarship policy

The scholarships will be applied when parents complete the enrollment application and pay the full tuition fee the previous year by a certain deadline. In addition to the valuable scholarships, the school will also reduce the enrollment fee for applications completed before the deadline. In addition, in close association with Wellspring Hanoi, students who transfer to the training system will receive preferential benefits such as reduced admission fees or facilities.

School bus application at
Wellspring Saigon

The system is provided by SMT Global with the goal of ensuring safe, timely and secure transportation of students, as well as making the school administration easy.

  • A technology system that supports 3 subjects: parents, school and bus staff with 2 different mobile applications and a web-base to interact, manage, monitor and supervise school transportation born on the same system.
  • The school uses web-base to manage the number of students riding, managing buses, managing daily routing, and managing feedback from parents.
  • The bus staff mobile app has the following features:
  1. Features navigation, so others can recognize and track your bus route
  2. Manage the list of students who register on their ride
  3. Know the number of students you need to pick up at each station
  4. Attendance when students board and exit the bus to notify parents
  5. When students arrive at the school and let the students get out of the car, the app will sound a warning sound until the qrcode code is scanned to turn off.
  • Mobile app for parents with the following features:
    1. Bus tracking map moves in reality
    2. View bus information, Bus staff and call Bus staff
    3. Receive notices from the school, including bus announcements, other notices with customized content.
    4. Send feedback, report to the school