MobiFone –SMT Global Project

MobiFone is one of three biggest telecommunication companies in Vietnam. Likely to other telcos, MobiFone always seeks ways to offer more services to their 50+ million subscribers. Value - added services (VAS) are promising that they not only bring more profits to their bottom line but also to diversify their revenue sources and improve their competitiveness.
SMT Global provides digital content service on mobile phone network. The contents provided include consulting information specially in insurance solutions for accidents, health, illness, emergency medical assistance and information on medical facilities in Vietnam with insurance product as a bonus pack
SMT Global offer digital content solutions with insurance products having flexible payment terms daily/ weekly / monthly, with very low premium, only from 1000 VND per day. Customer can buy same way as buying 3G or 4G internet package service which can be paid monthly. As soon as customers successfully register the digital content service, they will get a free personal insurance package provided by the partner insurance companies, depending on the customers’ choices.

Special featurers

MobiFone –SMT Global Project

When registering the service package: customers will be able to see all of the service package contents provided on the service wapsite/ website, at the same time customer receive free products, corresponding to the service package registered by the customers. After successful registration, customers will receive periodic health care consultation SMS and free bundled insurance package exclusively for legal subscriber owners, and be officially registered in the system of MobiFone.

Customers are fully protected when they encounter risks caused by accidentsin their life. When encountering risks due to accidents, customers can quickly call for help by the insurance companies as soon as possible thanks to the nationwide network.

Customers are supported with direct products consultation and their beneficial policies and we allow all related inquiries from our Call Center (1900 555 518, 1.500 VND / minute).