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Dai Nam Theme Park

This is a complex of large works such as temples, walls, hotels, mountains, rivers, zoos, zoos, amusement parks, squares, ... with an area of ​​over 450ha.

Dai Nam tourist area is a convergence of national records such as: The largest temple, the longest hotel, mountains, rivers, the longest artificial, the largest artificial sea, the largest square, the zoo has many of the rarest and most expensive.

There are wooden carvings on each door, depicting the victory against foreign invaders throughout the four thousand years of heroic history.


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Save HR

Ticket managing system

SaveMoney has been with Dai Nam for the past 3 years with strategic solutions to resolve outstanding problems in ticket sales and operation in Dai Nam.

In 2017, SaveMoney supported Dai Nam with an electronic ticketing system with advanced features, providing convenience and transparency in business. Typical functions include:

  • Print tickets with QR Code
  • Check the QR Code ticket
  • Transaction statistics
  • Statistics of visitors

In 2018, SaveMoney provided Dai Nam with a membership card system with functions

  • Issue the card
  • Create member list
  • Recharge
  • Scanning using the service
  • Card transaction statistics
  • User history statistics

In 2019, at the request of Dai Nam’s management and based on the trend of changing to electronic invoices, SaveMoney has cooperated with the electronic invoice issuer and accounting software provider for Dai Nam to complete the system of issuing electronic invoices for customers using services in Dai Nam with functions:

  • Create invoices for customers buying e-tickets
  • Create a bridge between accounting software and software for issuing electronic invoices