Our strengths

Technology for more effective management


Automatic system to quickly update the status, the number of tickets. Easier business management.

More effective

Applying technology to business management, establishing a system that automatically stores all information from the trading parties.

More simple

Digitization helps reduce manual steps, reduce execution time and personnel. The transactions are simpler.

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Technology software solutions for more efficient business

Savemoney designs and provides software solutions and synchronized ticket management hardware, making it easier, faster and more efficient for businesses. The management software has an automatic programming system that updates the status of electronic tickets, promotion information and information of the parties, making transactions more convenient, the process of offline ticket processing is also more simple.

Our solutions

Technology to manage business more effectively

School bus application

Parents know where children are. The school manages the number of students and promptly handles dangerous cases, minimizing unfortunate accidents.

Manage e-ticket

Statistics of tickets, e-ticketing tools quickly at the counter. It all gets faster with Savemoney's ticket management package

Booking travel ticket

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Travel e-ticket

The system of statistics and storage of customer information from purchases to fast and convenient VAT invoice creation.

Our projects